Wednesday, September 12, 2012

E Senin Gozuu yeyim:)Sheki, Qebele

My long time wish was to visit Sheki and Qebele. This year we finally made it happen. I really really enjoyed Sheki the most. Because of its antiquity.  It is really not that hard to take notice how ancient the city really is. The landscape of the city says it all. People are so kind and welcoming. For two hours we were looking for "Piti" (Sheki's famous dish) and couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, a young man made many calls and we got our Piti:) Sheki is also famous for its silk. Thus, I got to shop for Kelayagi:) I always wanted one. The highlight of our trip was the afternoon tea we had in Karvansaray that included delicious Sheki Halvasi and mugham in the background:)Definitely going back to Sheki before winter sets in!
Qebele on the other hand is more commercialized and obviously has been attracting lots of investments in recent years. You can see this from grandiose hotels and theme parks. 

Ismayilli- Xan Bagi

Qabaland- Qabala

Famous Karvansaray

Famous Kelayagi:)

Xan Chinari that protected  Xan Sarayi from the sun

Beautiful handwork within Xan Sarayi- cameras weren't allowed

Xan Sarayi- Summer Villa

Shopping for the perfect kelayagi..

This is famous Piti- (found this picture online)

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